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e approached them, Mandy stopd its pull, but her friend told her later, his breathing was very shallow, as his friends masturbates cock fulltubemovies was within 1 minute, the guy next to them had gone, his coxck hard and he was masturbating one Mandy 's friend Mandy raised at the picnic table and told them to lie down and make sure your ass was level with the edge of the table Mandy did as she said, and she lifted her legs in the air shit as her boyfriend started to finger her pussy always pushing his fingers over Mandys Clitty fulltubemovies tried to feel her tits, but far away, all this time, the stranger was working on the side of the table ever closer Mandy and was jerking his tail, was fulltubemovies a friend now working his cock into Mandy 's thighs and rubbed his hard cock inside, while the thighs spread out their lips Mandy, very gently, he slid his cock 7 inch inside her pussy, she gasps and moans softly,Holders of her thighs with his hands, the friend began dripping pussy fuck Mandy and 3 hear the sounds of a bitch Mandy splash come from, how fucked her friend, the friend was banging away at Mandy 's pussy with a slow and steady pace, when the other man, he could play with her tits Mandy said, but the invitation was too late, the guy was Allready had hands on Mandy 's tits, kneading and pulling the nipples later fulltubemovies is very exciting, you could hear a pin drop, apart from all the noises of breathing 3 and sex, punching and grunting, took the man to keep Mandy 's head and turned to face him and offered him his cock into Mandy 's mouth that she had no problem taking as his throbbing hard tail in its mouth and the bitch loved every inch of its 7 -inch, 's friends increased steadily and many thusting moaned louder and enjoy being screwe
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I could see Mandy for about 6 months, our sex life was okay, I started with her ​​about her past lovers, etc, your experiance, asked all the time while I was fucking me ask about your lovers and when they arrived was sentenced while all the sex we're talking about, where my cock was damn hard and pussy the climate of Mandy, a night where wasting time in bed, mandy gave me a massage with oil, so keep my finger in the crack of her ass and then easily between her legs open, I was fulltubemovies with them and oilly wet pussy, she started talking about this old friend allways wanted to fuck outdoors mandy, in the parks, parking, etc kind to be fulltubemovies very sexy short skirts and loose blouses buy and he insisted that mandy bother wearing underwear or a bra, mandy told me of this friend, it would take for a meal and a drink , and enjoy your finger fucked while sitting in a bar or restaurant, and later, would Strole througacres of local park, usually around 1. 30 am, Mandy would cock his friend out while sitting on a park bench and jerk and suck his cock, he will rise and lift her skirt and playing with her breasts and fingers her pussy even more , was a special earliy morning noticed a man watching her, took about 20 meters, stood out with his cock, masturbating, went to the park's picnic area, and the stranger followed Mandy and her friend was near the picnic tables, mandy took his cock in hand and began to masturbate cock right in front of their friends are there viewers, in fact, as was Mandy said shaking his cock that there was that man could fulltubemovies see what they had in their hands and what he was doing, gave her boyfriend a good long straw while he was slow and Mandy breasts and was finger fucking her pussy, abroad more and Mandy began nervously, as h